Using Images to Tell Nature's Stories

A single image can capture the imagination, incite questions and arouse emotions.
Put several images together and a story unfolds, drawing the viewer into another place, another time, another mindset.
Welcome to my website where you can view my images and read my stories. I want to show you the wonders of our natural world whilst telling the tales behind the animals, their environment and their interactions with cheap rolex replica humankind.
If you know a story that needs telling, or require images to illustrate a story then please get in touch. I also have a range of talks I can offer on the UK's marine life, my wildlife photography experiences and the wonders of Dorset's underwater wildlife - get in touch to find out more.
My photography is represented with the replica breitling agencies Natureinstock and Alamy and also as part of the Earth in Focus collaboration.

Nature Stock Photography  Stock photography by Matthew Doggett at Alamy


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